Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exposure- Therese Fowler

Exposure: A NovelExposure: A Novel by Therese Fowler
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 Exposure, by Therese Fowler

 Exposure is a modern Romeo and Juliet; a teenage couple who are desperate to be together despite Amelia's father edict that she was not allowed to date, even at 17.  Anthony and Amelia, who after their cumulating night of love, make a decision that has consequences far beyond what either of them could have possibly imagined.  Amelia's father finds naked pictures of Anthony on her computer, and despite her protests, uses his influence on the local police to arrest Anthony, and to have the media label him a sex offender.  Events continue to unravel out of control, and soon the story gains national attention. With the continued investigation, the "sexting" takes a wild turn, and the teens take drastic measures to clear their names.

Ms. Fowler bravely takes from a personal experience that occurred in 2009 when her son approached her with dread and announced, "Mom. I'm in trouble and I'm going to be arrested.", and creates a work of fiction that feels uncomfortably real.  The  book, as the author states, "is fiction, the characters drawn completely from my imagination."   All the reactions and fears are entirely real.

As a HS teacher, I asked a couple of good students, average teens, about sexting, and  their comments surprised me.

Yes, it is happening, in good schools, in good families, in your area! Beginning in MIDDLE SCHOOL!

And yes,  these 'harmless' acts, even when both parties consent, if caught and convicted, will have to register as sex offenders. I too have personal knowledge of such events.

Bravo to Ms. Fowler (as well as her son and family),  for sharing, which as I can only imagine,  must have heart-wrenching.

Suffice it to say that I truly loved the book and will be HIGHLY recommending it to others!

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