Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TullyandKate-- Best Friends forever

Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah, is a story about best friends. Kate Mularkey chooses marriage and motherhood; Tully Hart opts for career, fame and fortune. Their friendship begins in the 1970s, as young teens, and follows them through the decades of of friendship as adults. Kate had a stable family life as a child, while Tully, "the coolest girl in the world", scrambled to survive despite her addicted mother. Kate is an at-home mother of two; ambitious Tully, climbs to the top of broadcast journalism, and discovers that it can be lonely at the top. 

Emotional and touching, Hannah writes from the heart. Hurt, laughter, anger, jealousy, heartache, and love abound in this story. 

I cannot recommend this book enough! It is terrific, and has earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf!